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I have been immersed in a new project and as a result absent from this page for sometime.  Yet this site continues to draw visitors. In addition, website stats reveal that acoustics is a popular subject on this site. This is encouraging. A grasp of subjects such as acoustics separates the AV Pro from the wannabe.

Gaining an understanding of AV technologies can also become an obstacle. Consider an
AV rookie who is too anxious to share new found discoveries. Intoxicated by new insights, their sales presentations can descend into buzzword laden monologues that compel customers to walk away. If this continues this novice soon fades into the sales salvage yard of the clueless.

Don’t be that guy. Circumvent this sad scenario by cloaking technological knowledge within targeted qualifying questions. Kick-start a sales presentation with a simple question such as; Can you please describe the layout of your room?

The answer provides a wealth of information: room dimensions, entrances, windows, attic above, crawl space below, hardwood/tile flooring, electronics head-end, etc. The answer also opens the window to further inquiry about a customer’s favorite music or movies, the size of music or film library, spousal objections, and more.

Enlist this cache of information to display your expertise in a relevant but covert-like manner. For example: Analyze and expose potential distorting mid bass problems with a floor plan sketch, a quick calculation of the primary room modes, and a translation of what this means. (Link to calculation @ Ed’s AV Handbook). If the room features hardwood flooring and large glass windows; point out the high probability of a harsh mid range sound due to acoustical first reflections.

Shift your expert display from analyzing to recommending solutions. Create a pair of sketches that illustrate how to minimize compromising distorting issues and still deliver an exciting home theater and/or stereo musical experience.

The first sketch: Describe the PERFECT surround sound or stereo layout with speaker and listening positions that avoid room mode peaks and nulls. (Link to layout at Ed’s AV Handbook). Clearly state that this is a perfect situation; We don’t live in a perfect world. The sketch is a guide.

The second: Sketch practical layout options. Recommend a corresponding speaker system for each layout. Provide a ‘ball park’ price for each option that includes the speaker system, anticipated electronics, cabling, and installation.

Finally, ask your customer which option works best for them. If you work in a retail environment; setup and demonstrate the system. Then simply ask if they are ready for on-site visit to confirm the installation details. If yes, this sale is primed to close.  This scenario will separate you from the wannabe.

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  1. BonafideView says:

    Thank you for sharing the skills of an expert salesperson; one who is able to match the sale to the customer’s needs. Since the customer’s desires often differ from the salesperson’s, it can be a difficult skill to attain. It is worth developing for when such a salesperson is encountered, the customer will leave with the gift of having been guided to the best spending of their money to suit their needs. The value of a good salesperson is understood after such an experience.

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